"I will happily tell anyone and everyone about our wonderful experience with Emily!!

Thanks to Emily we have a unique and timeless memory of our wedding day to forever cherish. 

Emily painted and created a beautiful portrait of your wedding ceremony. Her attention to detail from decor, to facial expressions was incredible.

Guests still talk about this experience and for many this was their first time seeing a live wedding painting.

Emily's strong communication and social media presence also greatly contributed to our positive experience and review."


"Emily is such a talent. We had her at our wedding on Sept 7th to live paint our first dance.

All correspondence leading up to the event was polite, courteous, and punctual. She was totally on the ball and it filled me with confidence that she was going to be a professional on the day.

She was such a perfect addition to our wedding day as well- she set up to the side of our hall but was still very visible so our guests could watch and interact with her.

While I could go on and on about her 'in event' professionalism and courteousness, the painting she created for us was outstanding.

Her attention to detail in capturing both myself and my husband, as well as the detail she gave our parents makes it without a doubt our favourite wedding memory.

For couples looking for an interesting and unique addition to your day, with the benefit of being able to take home an incredibly special memento from your day should look no further."


"Emily painted the most beautiful portrait of my son and daughter-in-law at their wedding March 5/22.

It is a beautiful portrait and she even included their little dog Ruby. She didn’t miss any details and it couldn’t be any more authentic.

Emily is not only a talented, gifted artist but she was always so pleasant to deal with and kept us informed every step of the way.

The guests loved stopping by at the reception as her portrait slowly developed into a stunning painting.

It’s a unique addition to any celebration and I highly recommend Emily."


"We hired Emily as a live painter at our wedding reception, and it was truly such a pleasure to work with her from start to finish.

She was extremely responsive when we first reached out to her, answered all our questions about the process, and followed up in the days before our wedding to make sure she knew exactly what we wanted.

On the day of the wedding she impressed so many of our guests with her painting - we were getting comments and questions about her for months after our wedding.

She took our painting home afterwards to really fine tune the details and lighting, and kept us in the loop every step of the way.

I would definitely recommend reaching out to Emily if you're looking for a live wedding painter."

It's such a unique sentimental idea, and Emily will work really hard to make sure it's done perfectly!


"Emily was a last minute addition to our wedding and the only regret I have is not hiring her sooner!

Our painting is hanging on our wall and every time I see it, I relive the day in my head.

Emily is very professional, extremely talented and very proud of her work. She went above and beyond to ensure that everything we wanted in our painting was there and always went through us for any changes or recommendations.

Not only did she provide entertainment for the guests as she painted live during the reception, she was so kind and patient with the many questions and stares.

I HIGHLY recommend Emily for a unique experience at your event and a beautiful piece of art!"


"We retained Emily for a live wedding painting during our recent ceremony.

In addition to the experience of having Emily paint at your wedding/event, Emily's work is fantastic and would recommend her 100%.

We absolutely adore the painting and appreciate the effective communication to make the vision come true.

The framed painting now resides as the main piece in our living room.

Very professional, respectful and courteous."


"Emily painted a very precious and beautiful moment for us on our wedding day Sept 26 2020 at the Cambridge Mill.

I surprised everyone having Emily at our wedding, they all loved what she was doing for us.

She is extremely professional, flexible and she is such kind soul.

I would recommend her to anyone who wants to capture a special moment. She won't let down, guaranteed you will love her work. I will always be grateful to her."


"Emily painted the most amazing scene at our wedding! Not only is she beyond talented, Emily is so professional, organized, and lovely to work with. She has excellent communication and worked with us when we had to change our dates because of covid.

She was an absolute pleasure to work with and we are beyond thrilled with our painting!"


"We hired Emily to do a live painting of our first kiss at our wedding ceremony. We went BIG! 36x48! 

It was Emily’s first time doing such a large wedding painting but WOW it came out amazing!!!!

She was great at communicating the whole time and so patient with us rescheduling our wedding twice because of Covid.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone better to capture a once in a lifetime moment. We will treasure our painting forever. Thank you Emily!!"


"We cannot recommend Emily enough for being a part of our special day. She is professional, talented and an all around kind person who is easy to work with.

She arrived early to check out the venue and prep her area. She painted throughout the reception and we, as well as our guests, were amazed by the work she had completed by the end of the night.

She painted our vision perfectly. We cannot wait to see the finished product and appreciate she takes time to update her clients along the way. Emily is a great person to have at your wedding day."


"My wife surprised me with a painting from Emily for our wedding and it was such a special touch on the best day of my life.

Emily puts so much effort into the painting to make it absolutely perfect. In fact I thought it was finished the night of the wedding when she revealed it to us but she took it home to add even more details!

If you are looking for the perfect idea to commemorate a special occasion, look no further - Emily is a superstar and will likely be booked full so call her before she starts booking years in advance!

Thanks Emily, you've captured such a special moment that will stay with us the rest of our lives."


"You must hire Emily for your special day! She was absolutely amazing to work with and created a truly one-of-a kind keepsake for us.

We now have such a beautiful customized piece of art to hang in our home that is such a special reminder of our wedding day. We cannot recommend Emily enough, you won't regret it!"


"I truly can't say enough good things about Emily! She is incredibly fun and easy to work with and is such a kind person.

She did a live painting at our wedding and all of our guests absolutely loved it and still talk about what a unique experience it was.

Emily was so great with all the communication and we loved how detail oriented she was with everything in the painting.

The final product is absolutely stunning, Emily is so talented and created a beautiful art piece that we will always cherish. We can't thank her enough."








it's an entire

"While I could go on and on about her 'in event' professionalism and courteousness, the painting she created for us was outstanding."

"On the day of the wedding she impressed so many of our guests with her painting - we were getting comments and questions about her for months after our wedding. "

"Our painting is hanging on our wall and every time I see it, I relive the day in my head."

"In fact I thought it was finished the night of the wedding when she revealed it to us, but she took it home to add even more details"

"It’s hard to explain just how good she makes you feel during the process, it’s something you need to feel for yourself."

"The most beautiful painting of my husband and I during our first dance and I am in love with it, I have no words to express it."

"Emily is absolutely amazing! We had the pleasure of working with Emily at our wedding! We gave her full freedom to paint whatever scene from our wedding ceremony. AND SHE DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

Her talent to literally paint US in a night is insane!! She was a main attraction at our wedding, our guests absolutely loved her work, and were able to watch her paint. Also, just an FYI, she is SUPER COOL and an amazing person to talk to; so friendly and kind!

Even afterwards, she took our painting back to her studio to make it perfect and kept us in communication on the way! Her live art work is one of my best and favourite investments from my wedding! I will 100000% recommend Emily again, and hopefully we can work together again soon!"


"I’m really not one to review, but honestly, Emily is a m a z i n g!
We knew we wanted a photographer, but didn’t like the idea of a videographer for our wedding. I stumbled upon Emily through her instagram (@emilypaintsevents) and I instantly sent her page to my soon-to-be hubby, telling him how unique this would be for our wedding!

It was really no debate that we would hire her for our wedding, and we are so glad we did! She is the sweetest soul, extremely talented at what she does, keeps you completely up to date with the entire process (always posting updates through Instagram which was my favourite), and just handled the entire thing so well.

Sometimes you forget that she can have 20+ paintings “on the go”, because you feel as though she is so invested in your specific piece. It’s hard to explain just how good she makes you feel during the process, it’s something you need to feel for yourself.

If I could give her 100 stars, I would. 100/10 highly recommend having Emily at your wedding/event (or she also does cute Christmas ornaments too)!"


"Emily was phenomenal! Having her paint throughout cocktail hour and dinner was so magical. The painting turned out beautifully and I’m so pleased. If you’re looking for something extra special on your wedding day, book Emily!"


"This is the most special core memory of my wedding and the perfect keepsake for my husband and I.

Emily did the most beautiful painting of my husband and I during our first dance and I am in love with it, I have no words to express it. Emily definitely paints magic, she is such a sweetheart and listens to our wishes and caught every bit of details we wanted. She responds to our questions immediately which is amazing and helpful for new couples!

I would totally recommend Emily to anyone who wants to get a live painter on their special day or any other occasions! Thanks Emily once again from the bottom of our hearts."


"I can’t say enough positive things about Emily! She was the perfect addition to our wedding day. After talking to her I was so excited to have her paint our wedding. She is so friendly and amazingly talented. Everyone was in awe watching her at our wedding and now we have a very special forever keepsake of our first kiss as Husband and Wife. Thank you so much Emily!"


"Emily was the PERFECT choice as our live wedding painter! She has an extremely organized and straight forward online communication system, great response time to our inquiry and questions, really gets into the details that you want portrayed in the painting, and she was very respectful to our different cultural rules/requirements within the temple during the ceremony!

The painting was completed on time as she stated in the initial contract, and not ONE thing went awry with her services. The painting is BEAUTIFUL and is so realistic - it truly does bring back memories of that day. :)

Thank you again Emily for the lovely painting! I highly recommend ALL brides to look into her painting service for your big day!!!"


"Emily captured our big day in such a beautiful, unique way. She captured the scene we wanted and incorporated other parts from the day - including our dog and some doves that we released.

She is so talented! Our guests loved seeing her paint throughout the evening. If you’re looking for a special way to capture your day, Emily is your answer!"


"My husband and I could not be happier with our gorgeous painting. I’m so happy we found Emily and decided to book her for our wedding.

From start to finish she was an absolute joy to work with and our guests (plus ourselves) were astounded by her work.

Top notch, 10/10 stars. If you’re hesitating to book her, don’t! Trust us when we say you won’t regret it. Our painting is beautiful and will be with us for years to come. Thank you again Emily!"



"My (now) wife and I had seen Emily in action at a friends wedding a couple of years ago, it was the first live painter we had ever seen at a wedding.

We thought the idea was very cool and unique, not to mention how talented Emily was.

 I ended up reaching out to Emily during our wedding planning process and was very thankfully she was available for our big day! The plan was to surprise my wife with Emily on our wedding day and we pulled it off, it was perfect!

I reserved Emily about 10-11 months out, we kept in touch once every couple of months including me providing details of where on the property I would like the picture captured for Emily to paint.
She was very communicative, outgoing, and a 'breath of fresh air' to work with compared to other wedding vendors!

I highly recommend Emily for your special occasion, we received many compliments and are thankful for the beautiful painting hanging in our family!"


"She was very communicative, outgoing, and a 'breath of fresh air' to work with compared to other wedding vendors!"

"We decided to hire Emily for our wedding after seeing a live painter at our friends wedding and we were so glad we did!

Emily was very professional during our meetings and was always quick to respond to any inquiries we had leading up to our big day.

My husband's father passed away this year and we wanted to incorporate him in our wedding even though he wasn't physically there, the painting depicted him like he was right there with us for our special moment.

Our family and friends were so impressed and moved by the painting, and the talent that Emily showed was unmatched! It was a beautiful touch to our wedding and now we will have it in our home to cherish forever."


"My husband and I commissioned Emily to paint our October wedding and it was one of the best wedding decisions we made!

Not only is Emily one of the nicest people to exist… her painting of us is amazing. The communication from her prior to, during and after our wedding was amazing and made us feel so comfortable through all the chaos of a wedding.

Our guests STILL talk about how incredible the painting was and how they loved watching her create. If you are planning a wedding, Emily is a MUST HAVE for your day!! Thank you again so much Emily!!"


"I honestly cannot say enough good things about Emily. Her live painting of our wedding ceremony blew us completely away!

From the moment I inquired to book with her to the day we picked up our finished painting she has been kind, professional, very responsive and amazing to work with. The booking process was easy and detailed and when we had our first phone call with Emily I knew it was going to be an absolute pleasure to work with her and I was completely right.

She arrived early to the ceremony and our guests were amazed at her ability to live paint our ceremony kiss during our reception.

Our wedding was in October and we still have people talking about how that was one of their favourite parts of our wedding, being able to watch her live in action. I was in love with the painting the day of the wedding and honestly wanted to take it home that night.

When I got to see the finished product and how much detail she had added after the fact I honestly couldn’t believe it.

We are so happy that we have our painting of one the best moment of our lives. You will NOT regret booking with her one bit!! I can’t recommend her enough and am so grateful that she was apart of our special day. Having our painting that we can look at every day is something we are always going to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much Emily!!"


"We cannot recommend Emily enough for being a part of our special day. She is professional, talented and an all around kind person who is easy to work with.

She arrived early to check out the venue and prep her area. She painted throughout the reception and we, as well as our guests, were amazed by the work she had completed by the end of the night.

She painted our vision perfectly. We appreciated the frequent updates of our painting along the way and how accommodating she was to any small details to make the piece perfect for us.

Once we got our painting, it was better than we could have ever imagined. It was definitely worth the wait! Emily is a great person to have on your wedding!"


"I hired Emily to paint mine and my husband's first dance at our wedding.

My husband's father had passed away about 6 months before the wedding, and I wanted to do something to incorporate his likeness into our day.

Emily was able to paint him, as well as our other parents, into the painting so they were watching us have our first dance. The painting is stunning, and has brought many family members to tears.

Emily was so professional and an absolute delight to work with. I can't recommend her enough if you are considering having a live event artist for your wedding or other events."


"Emily is so easy to work with and super sweet! She is professional and produced an insanely beautiful keepsake from our wedding. I am beyond thankful for her business! I would 10/10 recommend her to other couples looking for a unique memory of their special day."


"As a wedding planner, I love working with Emily. We have worked together on a couple of style shoots and a wedding and she is beyond talented. She really takes her time, gets to know you as a couple and creates a beautiful keepsake that you get to cherish forever.

Emily has amazing communication skills and always keeps you in the loop. She is a wonderful artist and person and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a beautiful heirloom piece that celebrates a special moment in time!"

Bonafide Events

"To say Emily is amazing is an understatement. We hired Emily for a Live Painting of me and my husband’s and first dance at our wedding, and it was the BEST decision we ever made. It came out so beautifully - it was exceptionally detailed, very realistic, and truly illustrated everything we loved about that moment.

Emily is this wonderful mix of professional and personable, which made me love her right off the bat. Her personality and talent alone were enough for me to hire her for an additional painting that I gifted my husband of him and his late mom, imitating what their mother/son dance should have been. She did that from scratch, using a few pictures and a video. Needless to say, that painting also turned out beautifully.

Emily was always available whenever I had questions, and ensured we understood the contract and our options. She is very clearly passionate about her profession and artistry (if you look at her Instagram page, her stunning paintings speak for themselves), and her talent is undeniable.

She would also check in frequently on updates about both paintings she did for me, and would show me different stages of the paintings so that I was free to make any adjustments I felt were needed (spoiler alert: there weren’t any - but the fact that she gave me that option was so appreciated).

She just made me feel so comfortable. It felt like I’ve been friends with her my whole life! THAT is the kind of vibe you want from someone you are trusting to creatively capture a beautiful moment in a very special day. You want someone who will understand your vision, trust their creative instincts, and really get to know you so they can genuinely capture your moment. Emily is ALL of that, and some.

I genuinely can’t say enough positive things about Emily, or recommended her strong enough, because she is the real deal. Professional, kind, thoughtful, friendly, and again undeniably talented. If you are considering having a painting done for your wedding, or for any special event/moment, you’d be doing yourself an injustice if you looked further than Emily. She is THAT special."


"Emily did an amazing job for my sisters wedding. I messaged Emily to see if she was available the following weekend, luckily for me, she was available, I told her this was a surprise for my sister as it was my gift to the bride and groom.

I asked for her to paint my sisters first dance with her husband and she did a fantastic job, everything went smoothly, she was very accommodating to the last finishing touches, and kept us updated when it would be finished. I recommend Emily paints events! Thank you again Emily!"


"We had Emily join us as a Live Guest Painting Artist at our wedding in May 2023. This was such a huge hit with our friends and family. Each couple/guest received a watercolour painting of themselves to take home as their 'favour'.

We had originally considered having a photo booth at our wedding and we are SO happy that we decided on Emily's art instead.

I would recommend Emily Paints to anyone looking for an elevated, unique and memorable wedding favour for their guests.

Emily was easy to communicate with in the booking process and brought a lovely energy on the day of the wedding."


"The most complimented part of our wedding day!! I cannot say enough about how much we love the finished painting!

I had selected landscape for our painting and prior to our wedding Emily did extensive research into our ceremony location as she had not been there before. She suggested we change the orientation to portrait and a specific scene to photograph.

The care and attention to detail she showed to our day was so impressive and greatly appreciated!!

She chatted with our guests throughout the night and I have been getting messages from them regularly to check the progress of the painting.

We are so glad we decided on a live painter and Emily especially. Have been and will continue to recommend her to everyone I know!"


"We can’t recommend Emily enough. She’s fantastic. She was so easy to work with and she figured out the details with the venue herself. It was great to have one less thing to worry about on the day.

Our guests (and us) loved watching the process and everyone was amazed at how much progress was made between glances over.

Emily talked to the guests and explained the process and her skills which added to the overall experience.

She’s as kind as she is talented and we’re honestly so grateful to have had her at our event. The portrait is fantastic and unique. Each time we look at it, we see another detail that she captured.

If we could rate higher, we would. Hire Emily for everything"


"I hired Emily as my sisters wedding present! Emily answered my emails so quickly and coordinating all the details was so easy.

The wedding venue was very small and intimate, the guests were in awe all evening watching Emily paint.

The end result was 10/10 amazing, the experience with Emily was easy and I would 100% hire her again.... and I wish I hired her for my own wedding a few years prior!

You will not be disappointed with Emily, her painting, or the experience it brings to your event!"


"Emily is a brilliant artist and a great communicator - she is the most pleasant wedding vendor to work with!!

I found Emily through Instagram and instantly was impressed with her work. Through the entire booking process, she was super clear, flexible, and eager to hear our vision.

At the wedding, she was amazing. Guests were in awe of her live painting, it added so much to the reception to have her there! We asked if she would include our 4 parents in the background of the painting, and it was a really special surprise when they realized they were being painted. I can't wait to hang it in our home!!!

Thank you so much Emily, you are really great at what you do!"


"Emily was incredible! She is very thorough and professional going through the whole day and booking process.

At our wedding she interacted with the guests and was such a joy to be around!

She is so so incredibly talented and just the nicest human being! Book Emily for a live painting at your event and you will not regret it!


"What can be said that would truly convey my appreciation and admiration for Emily and the piece that she completed for my wife and I?

We married June 3 of this year and having a live wedding painter was something I was determined to surprise my wife with.

The whole experience, from initially contacting Emily, our discussions around the pricing, canvas size and what scene would be painted, determining how the day would be structured to complete the surpirse, the wedding day itself (the reveal went off without a hitch) and finally, picking up the final piece, was all incredibly professional, thoughtful and kind.

She brought a wonderful personality and artistic quality to our special day and we couldn't be more happy to have had her be such an important part of it!"


"I can’t say enough great things about Emily. My husband and I hired her for our wedding in August, she was and is the sweetest lady.

She was amazing at asking all the right questions to capture the moment we really wanted and kept us updated after the day with how everything was going.

The painting is everything we could have ever hoped for and is worth every cent. If you are looking for the perfect event painter Emily is your girl"


"Emily had went beyond anything expected and has a beautiful, incredible talent.

She is extremely professional from first contact to last and was giving us constant updates with pictures.

She is so wonderful you will want to book her for every and any event! She will not disappoint that is for sure. It was an honour having her paint such a special moment for our friends. Thank you Emily, you are amazing  "

Abby, MOH

"Emily is awesome, we ordered a painting and she absolutely delivered!

We are so thrilled to have this piece of art that really catches the moment, it’s going to be a gift to a wedding coming soon so we had to be fairly discreet and use photos we had etc. but she worked with us like it was no problem she made everything so easy.

Emily really makes you feel like she is focused and thorough on your order and we could not be and happier. Thank you!"

Liam, BM

"I have been a long time admirer of Emily’s creativity and artistic abilities.
When Emily offered to paint anything on an ornament, I knew I wanted to commission a piece by her but I didn’t know exactly what I wanted.

I sent Emily the Instagram of the person I wanted to her to paint, told her my favourite colour and said I didn’t want to have any more part in the process. I trusted that Emily would be able to create something more beautiful than I could describe, and that is exactly what she did.

Without ever meeting her, Emily was able to capture the essence of my sister in her painting and highlight the qualities of her that were important, without being given that direction. Her creative intuition and attention to detail is unmatched.

Emily exceeded any expectation I had for her, which admittedly were high because I’ve seen what she’s capable of.

I can’t wait to have the opportunity to have her paint for me again."


"My wife and I hired Emily [2 years ago] to paint our wedding in September. We loved what we saw on her instagram and knew we wanted her part of our day. If you think what you see online is incredible, in person will blow you away.

Emily is beyond talented and very easy to work with. Her online portal makes it easy to communicate and an efficient way to access your contract and all the information you require. Emily was prompt to respond and did everything within the time frames outlined in our contract.

We allowed Emily to pick the pose and we went with what she thought was best. We are so glad we did!

The day of the wedding our guests continuously came up to us through the night telling us how amazing the painting was going.

Many even thought she had finished the entire painting that evening and were stunned to find out that she would be bringing the piece home to finish. Before Emily left we had a mini reveal of what she had accomplished so far and my husband and I were speechless at how realistic the painting looked and the details she was able to capture in such a short time frame.

After our wedding Emily kept us posted with sneak peaks and even posted us on her instagram! We were so eager to see the painting and to pick it up. Once we picked it up and brought it home we were once again speechless, it was even more incredible then we could have imagined.

We are so grateful to have such a special piece from our wedding and can't wait to hang it up. There are not enough words to describe Emily's talents and how incredible of a person she is.

If you are thinking of booking Emily, do it! It will be the best part of your wedding and something you can cherish forever."


"If we could rate Emily 10 stars we would! We had the most amazing experience working with Emily for our wedding back in May 2023, and we absolutely love our painting!

From the very beginning of the process, all the way up to picking up our painting, Emily was the most kind and communicative. She answered all questions very promptly and her online system is very easy to use.

We hired Emily as a surprise to our wedding guests and everyone loved interacting with her and getting to see our painting come to life throughout our reception!

Emily is the most remarkable and we are so grateful that we got to have someone with such talent capture sure an important moment from our big day! Thank you so much Emily!!"

A & J

"Where do I even begin? Emily should be among the first vendors you book once you secure your wedding date.

She is hands down one of the most kind, caring and genuine individuals to work with. Her professionalism from start to finish was indescribable. From our first intake call, to suggestions for our portrait and the wedding itself she made everything so easy and effortless.

She has extraordinary talent and all of our guests raved about watching her complete the portrait and the care and detail she spent on it from the moment she walked into the room. After the wedding she made sure to keep in touch with us regularly on the progress of the portrait which was unexpected but so appreciated.

We loved Emily and her work so much that we continue to find ways to work with her and ordered a few Christmas ornaments with custom pet portraits on them. We will make sure we find ways to work with Emily in some capacity every year, just to keep in touch with her.

We will always be beyond grateful to Emily for making such a special experience for us on our wedding day. I cannot recommend Emily enough."


"I had the most incredible experience with Emily!

My goal was to have one of my sisters recent wedding photos painted a gift to her, and Emily brought that idea to life. From helping me choose the photo to be painted, to keeping me involved in the progression of the painting along the way, Emily was amazing with communication and keeping me up to date.

The painting turned out absolutely incredible and my sister was blown away by it.

I highly recommend Emily to anyone looking to get a live wedding painter or to bring a current/old photo to life through painting!"


photography on this page so kindly provided courtesy of Diamond Light Photography.