"If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint." 
- Ed Hopper

Emily Bransfield

canadian live wedding painter

In an era where photos and videos capture every waking moment of our lives, a painting encompasses the emotion of your entire day in a single frame - through the eyes of an artist experiencing it

Guests will be delighted and intrigued as they watch a blank canvas transform in real time into the very night they are experiencing.

As the night unfolds the painting develops and curious onlookers love to come chat, ask questions about what is forming, and sneak a peek for regular updates. From scene selection, to the night of your wedding the live painting experience is about celebrating you, your love, and your loved ones.

Paintings are created almost entirely on site at the wedding, combining a live entertainment experience with the sentiment of your first family heirloom.


celebrate through art

a sentimental experience

as seen in

First dances, kisses at the ceremony, walking down the aisle hand-in-hand, circling the palki & Holy Book - the perfect moment for your painting is entirely up to you.

Paintings are completed in professional grade paints and varnished to shine for years to come.

Romantic, timeless and enjoyed daily on display as part of your home - just as your next chapter begins.

The live painting experience is a unique one - part subtle and part sophisticated entertainment, where the process of its creation is a crucial aspect to the finished painting.

All of the excitement and emotion of the wedding day is captured in that paint from the first brush stroke of the evening before your guests have arrived - to the last one as the party rages on.



your love is the first layer

"You want someone who will understand your vision, trust their creative instincts, and really get to know you so they can genuinely capture your moment. Emily is ALL of that, and some."

The Reviews

What real couples say

"Emily was AMAZING. Her painting turned out absolutely perfect and I will always be grateful that I got to have her at my wedding. She was such a pleasure to work with and she always was very positive.

I loved the painting so much that I also ordered a hand painted ornament. I feel like having a live painter adds sooo much to your reception and you also get to have a beautiful piece to hang in your home. Book Emily, you won't be disappointed!" 
- Rachel & Matt 

"She did a live painting at our wedding and all of our guests absolutely loved it and still talk about what a unique experience it was. She was so great with all the communication and we loved how detail oriented she was with everything in the painting. The final product is absolutely stunning, Emily is so talented and created a beautiful art piece that we will always cherish. We can't thank her enough."
- Emily & Logan



the artist behind the easel

what makes it exceptional

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