My ultimate goal as an artist is capture the essence and emotion of your love for one another through my artwork. By realistically capturing the expression, details, and ambiance of the scene. I have been a portrait artist for 15 years, and exclusively painting weddings for the past five years.

The finished painting is not the only element that should factor into your choice of artist. As a painter, I am on site for your entire wedding day, I am working with you the year leading up to your date, and I am absolutely celebrating your love and cheering from my easel as you walk down the aisle together.

From the initial point of contact, communication is a priority - prompt responses and thorough answers are important to making your experience one of ease.

As many past clients have reviewed, a positive attitude and outlook goes such a long way. I am always happy to hear about your ideas, your thoughts on the painting, and just about anything else. I have one of the most beautiful and fulfilling jobs there could be, and the experience you receive as a client absolutely reflects my love for my craft.

Outside of painting weddings, I am a mother to an art-loving five year old and wife to the most patient and kind man I've ever met. I'm a lover of tiramisu and pistachio-anything who has recently four a passion for gardening.




photography on this page so kindly provided courtesy of Gold House Studios.