Imagine having an artist who not only loves to paint but genuinely enjoys creating connections through art. That's me! Hi! I'm Emily. I'm not just about brushstrokes and canvases; I'm about infusing each piece of artwork I create with the warmth of tenderness and the sweetness of shared moments. Your joy is absolutely my inspiration.

From the initial point of contact, communication is a priority - prompt responses and thorough answers are important to making your experience one of ease.

As many past clients have reviewed, a positive attitude and outlook goes such a long way. I am always happy to hear about your ideas, your thoughts on the painting, and just about anything else. I have one of the most beautiful and fulfilling jobs there could be, and the experience you receive as a client absolutely reflects my love for my craft.

Outside of painting weddings, I am a mother to an artsy and hockey loving five year old and wife to the most patient and kind man I've ever met. I'm a lover of tiramisu and pistachio-anything who has recently found a passion for gardening and redesigning my home.




photography on this page so kindly provided courtesy of Gold House Studios.