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live guest paintings

Welcome to a fun little corner of Emily Paints Events, where memories are captured live in wonderfully fun watercolour portraits. The importance of preserving special moments that last a lifetime is what it's all about. Providing guests at events with beautiful and professionally painted portraits - whether a wedding, corporate event, or private party our skilled artists (Emily & Ama) will paint the excitement and individual personalities of your guests - leaving them with keepsakes that are treasured - and not left on the table.

How many times have you been painted? Often this is the first time guests have experienced the joy of having their portrait painted.

Receiving a portrait is a special experience making you feel appreciated, but knowing it was created in only minutes adds an awe-inspiring element. Guests will be touched by the level of attention and care to detail that each artist puts into their work. Creating something so memorable will leave everyone feeling treasured.

...its an experience!

"We had an amazing experience with Emily at our wedding and would highly recommend her. She is very talented and really added some charm to the event."

aazir, groom



meet the artists

Hi! I'm Emily, portraits are my absolute favourite subject to paint. My watercolour portraits are more focused on realism but with a "storybook" quality to them.

Hello! I'm Ama, I love imagining intricate worlds with my watercolour paintings inspired by the people and whimsical moments I cherish in life.

Guests arrive at the painting station as they arrive to the event or cocktail hour with clear signage explaining what is happening. We take a photo of the guest(s) - up to 2 people can be in each painting, and one portrait is allowed per guest.

We start painting right away! Each portrait takes approximately 5-6 minutes. When finished the artwork is placed into a protective sleeve and displayed on our table.

During dinner we work through our collected photos and once they are completed they are displayed on our table for pickup after dinner.

*tip*: We recommend your MC or DJ let guests know we are doing portraits - this way all photos can be taken during cocktail hour. Once dinner begins we are working as quickly as we can to ensure they are completed by the time the dance floor opens!

how things work


package one

Painting from the ceremony until dancing
each portrait approximately 5-7 minutes.
between 7 and 8 hours of live portraits

*mc to announce that portraits are available, and last call time*
6:00PM last call for photos before dinner
painting portraits until completion ~10pm


painting from the ceremony until dinner
between 4 and 5 hours of live portraits

est timeline
2:30pm set up ahead of ceremony
2:45pm-3:20pm photograph guests as they arrive
3:30pm ceremony beings, paint throughout ceremony
*officiant to announce that portraits are available, and last call time*
4:00pm - 5:30pm photograph & paint guests during cocktail hour
6:30pm complete paintings and display before packing up


please note that we will paint as many guests as we can in each package, but the cut off time is the end & pack up time.

package two

frequently asked

How many portraits can be painted?

Each person within a painting takes about 5 to 7 minutes. we do work as a pair of artists to complete as many as we possibly can in the package times listed above.

what is needed from the venue?

we require an 8 foot table, and two chairs for the artists. we bring our own black table linen and supplies. If you prefer we use one of your matching linens we absolutely can.

do you have any packages only for cocktail hour?

we do not, unless you are having a very short and small guest count event as we would be able to paint approximately 25 portraits in one hour with two artists.

what does the booking process look like?

we require both a signed contract an 20% invoice payment to secure your date, with the balance being due one week before the event. Once your booking form is filled and your date is checked for availability the documents will be sent to you - and if you have further questions we can set up a chat before the paperwork is completed.

is this service only for weddings?

not at all, although we love weddings we are also available to paint for other gatherings and corporate events such as launch parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthday celebrations, holiday parties, corporate events, etc.

our wedding has 300+ guests, can you do guest portraits?

we can do guest portraits at an guest count event, but only so many portraits can be completed in any given time (please remember, we are artists, not printers). if you would like a portrait of every guest, please inquire and we can provide a quote to complete portraits ahead of your wedding day.


photography & Videography on this page so kindly provided courtesy of Gold House Studios.